Our Support

TechSource Alliance, Inc. support team consists of factory trained and accredited service technicians with expertise which range from transformer power sources on through robotic and automated systems. We are also accredited and qualified to provide calibration and certification of welding equipment where ISOIEC Guide 25 & ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 apply.

Standard billing rate is one hour minimum and actual time thereafter. Billing time will begin from the time the support technician leaves and will complete when the technician finishes the job. TechSource Alliance, Inc. has taken many steps to provide an accurate and fair time system that will ensure an accurate and fair bill for the customer.

P.M. Program

Let us tailor a preventative maintenance program which accommodates your busy schedule!

Meter Calibration

Our qualified technicians will calibrate your digital metering apparatus to conform to ISO or Military standards. All machines are tested for compliance with factory specifications. Machines are then calibrated using metering equipment directly traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Each machine is tagged and documented with a tracking number and calibration expiration date with easy to understand documentation. You will also receive a certificate of calibration and calibration results for each machine.

Let our qualified technicians tailor a calibration program that will conform to ISO or Military standards.